Young Orca Dies of Malnutrition

But I thought we had just released several hundred thousand salmon into Puget Sound Resident Orca Dies from Apparent Malnutrition < >

We have a Centennial Whale in the Northwest!

This is one incredible orca. BE PROUD PUGET SOUND!: 105 YEAR OLD WHALE! < >

Big Gray Whale News

Gray Whales Return to Puget Sound

Just one more example of why the great Northwest has the greatest wildlife in the world!

< >

Bad Orca News

The only good thing about this is that the calf might be part of a transient pod and not one of our residents:

Orca Calf Found Dead

And some not so good whale news

Cetacean death from above?

More Good Orca News

From NWCN:

7th Calf born in last 12 months