Under the Tree Bark

The next time you’re out and about in the forest take some time and look a bit closer at that fallen log: Fallen Tree

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Under the bark

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Tiger Worms

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Feral Pigs and Wild Boars

These animals have been in the news quite a bit lately especially in southern states where their numbers have exploded. Their range has now extended into Oregon and Washington as well. And this is one “invasive” species that does a lot of environmental damage and has potential to harm humans as well. I put the […]


IDENTIFYING SNAKES AND LIZARDS – The Basics Snake Ventral Scales

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Snake Dorsal Scales

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Snake ID 1

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Snake ID 2

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Lizard ID 1

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Lizard ID 1

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Polyphemus Moth

Named after the one eyed giant in Greek mythology the Polyphemus Moth is just about the most beautiful moth in our area. They range from here into the Midwest and likely beyond. They spread those four inch plus wings to reveal not just one eye but four; often enough to startle a would be predator. […]

Odd New Gecko Species

I’ve been studying these reptiles for a long time yet I never even knew this species existed: New Found Gecko – Literally Jumps Out of its Scales!

Camp Murray Honey Bees

I was strolling along a walkway/running track in Camp Murray, Washington a while ago and noticed a very hard not to notice warning about a bee hive. Naturally I was prompted to take a closer look. It was a hive of honey bees, and a fairly new one judging by the furious activity going on. […]

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

How does an incredibly pleasant afternoon where you can see the ocean, the ocean floor, a forest trail with pond life, a huge array of bird life, plus animals from muskrats to reptiles sound? Make it a very exciting walk for kids yet an easy one for the elderly members of the family. There’s a […]


When we think of hummingbirds we think of flowers, spring, summer, sunshine, and warm weather. But here in the Northwest we have a unique species of hummingbird that breaks the rules. Anna’s Hummingbird, Calypte anna, is found up and down the West coast into British Columbia. Oh they love the warm weather alright and you’ll […]

Northwest Wildlife News

There have been some interesting incidents going on concerning our wild friends recently in the Northwest, and not all good news, either: Wildlife Samaritans Rescue a Moose Mountain Lion Attacks Huge Elk Herd Falls Through Ice With Fatal Results Illegal “Hunters” Kill 20 Geese […]

Aquarium of Boise

The other day I read and posted an article about the problems the Aquarium of Boise was having with its roof. Despite several visits to Boise I had never heard of the aquarium before. Last week during a snowy afternoon I decided to fix this oversight and I was very pleasantly surprised. Below is my […]