About Northwest Wildlife Online

Welcome to Northwest Wildlife Online, a digital magazine dedicated to the spectacular wildlife of the great Northwest United States.  Each month and throughout the year NWWOL will bring you photographs and articles about this unique corner of the world. Ocean depths, fourteen thousand foot mountain peaks, rain forests, deserts, lush landscapes, treeless barrens, ponds, lakes, salt marshes, glaciers – the geography of this region is also one of the most biologically diverse in the world.  From the tiny shrew-mole to the giant blue whale the Northwest is a naturalist’s dream. Sea life species alone are amazing: 30 marine mammals, 200 marine birds, 400 varieties of fish, and thousands of invertebrates including one of the most dense concentrations of starfish in the world.  The Giant Pacific Octopus, largest cephalopod in the world, resides here as does the Plumose Anemone, the largest anemone in the world.   Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles soar the skies with hundreds of other birds species. The countryside abounds with dozens of different reptiles and amphibians and over a hundred species of mammals.   And as if that were not enough we are the slug capital of the world! 

John “Jack” Regan


Privacy Policy of Northwest Wildlife Online:

I do not collect any personal data from anyone. I primarily post only my own photographs but if someone wishes to share a photo I am very happy with that and I will credit the author – but only with the personal information approved by that author.

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