A Visit to MT Rainier National Park

For those fortunate enough to live near this tremendous National Park an abundance of spectacular scenery awaits, and for those with a practiced eye, an abundance of wildlife as well. I say practiced eye because like most popular national parks the animals can be shy during the height of the tourist season. As you wander up to greater altitudes and greater views keep your head down a bit and look closely at the streams and brooks flowing alongside the trails. Caddis fly larvae are plentiful as are a large number of other insect larvae. Tailed frogs are interesting amphibians with that peculiar mating appendage very much in view and an ability to thrive in very¬†cold water and high altitudes. I doubt there is another mammal on earth as cute as the pica, but this member of the rabbit family is a bit difficult to observe unless you find just the right rocky habitat they love. Check out the trail called Comet Falls. Up beyond Paradise Lodge is the land of marmot; hoary marmots, that is, the biggest member of the squirrel family. These “whistle pigs” are not shy by the way. Certain rocky peaks near the park entrance are sometimes great for viewing the marvelous mountain goats; always a thrill to see. No matter¬†how many times I have visit this wonderful place I am never disappointed. Check it out!

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