Alaskan Dall Sheep

I love Alaska! And no matter what the weather or time of year there is always some beautiful wildlife to observe. Spring and summer, of course, are the best seasons for that observation but winter is an especially good time to get close to Dall sheep. This herd was found close to the bottom of the steep Chugach mountain range along the Kenai peninsula outside of Anchorage. At this time of year the sheep often descend from their high elevations in search of food. During warmer weather they are usually just visible as small white specks up among the mountain peaks. Dall sheep are often mistaken for mountain goats since both are overtly white furred and achieve about the same 300 pound weight. A distinctive difference lies in their horn color. Dall sheep have brown horns while mountain goats have very black horns but also have a longer coat of fur. There is a range difference as well. Dall sheep according to most sources are not found in the southeastern part of Alaska. Where they are found, however, they are a favorite target of game hunters. I obviously prefer to hunt with a camera.

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