Close Look Finds Creatures

We have three ponds on our property, the smallest only about 3 square feet sits right out in front of the house. We did not expect much but goldfish for this, but it turned out to be a favorite habitat for salamanders. I did not quite know that until I sat down and took a look. I am very pleased to see two different species. And as you know the world is full of tiny insects and spiders, and I am always greatly pleased when I find them. Here for example, I lift up a tiny piece of something on a concrete boundary and find an itsy bitsy spider.

For a very long I have been doing this, and for a very long time I’ve been advising others to do the same. Why? Because you never know what you may find or where you may find it. Of course, this being me, I am only referring to wildlife. Years ago I began turning over logs and rocks and was amazed at the creatures I found. So much so it inspired me to write the book “Let’s See What’s Under There!” and give numerous presentations. But it is not just looking underneath things that turns up surprises, just plain looking closer at everything will do it for you. And there is no need to travel around the world to find beautiful, interesting animals. Many are right there in your front yard, backyard, or anywhere else you go. Just take the time to look close.


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