Elk Show! Dosewallips State Park

We counted 24 elk in this herd, the largest I’ve seen in some time, and quite comfortable with human and vehicle presence. Although he was not an exceptionally example of his species, the antlered fellow in the photo was the only one sporting¬†antlers and appeared to be El Hefe of this group. The two closeups are examples of his very extended, very beautiful, family.

North of Olympia along highway 101 sits a beautiful, uniquely named state park. Dosewallips State Park, named for its proximity to the Dosewallips River, encompasses over a thousand acres and boasts long shoreline trails along the river and the Hood Canal. Camping sites abound as well. The marine waters of the Hood Canal dominate the scenery yet, from time to time, like this Columbus Day weekend, elk herds steal the show.

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