Hungry Birds

Yes, we have all witnessed birds eating from our feeders and on our property. But just to let you know, and to share photos of it, common species eat different things. Crows are happy with seeds and nuts, yet once in my backyard I saw a crow grab a small garter snake. Like many other people we have hummingbird feeders hanging over our deck normally populated by hummingbirds. One day, however, a very different bird showed up and sucked up the hummingbird food. I was surprised to find out it was a woodpecker. One other day, while strolling around one of my favorite places – the Ankenny National Wild Reserve in Oregon – I decided to stop and observe a large swamp. It was no surprise to see waterfowl swimming around there, but it was a surprise to see one snatch up a frog. I had never seen that before. I have seen bald eagles swoop down and catch small ducks, but once while my wife and I were walking along the Puyallup River we saw a bald eagle gobbling up something. That could be a bald eagle father showing his son what to eat.

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