ID Wildlife Sample

I had the opportunity to visit Idaho last week. When my day job was over I naturally headed out to the nearest open space. The first thing I ran into was this young coyote. Note how well it’s fur color blends into the tumble weeds and other vegetation. The wild canine displayed its typical behavior by curiously staring at me for a while before running off and disappearing. Being the log turn over guy I am, I also rolled over the first one I found and got this interesting shot. I thought I had only managed a picture of little white termites, but when I developed the photo I noted the small centipede grabbing one for dinner. These little centipedes are are seldom more than one inch long and extremely common around the Boise area. If you have any issues with termites around your home, here’s a way to control them – and their service is free! They can’t help much with coyote control, however.

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