Idaho Country Wildlife

Take a drive in the Idaho countryside outside of Boise and here are few examples of wildlife you are likely to see. The first little guy you’ll notice is Townsend’s Ground Squirrel. If you don’t see dozens and dozens of these little rodents you’re paying too much attention to the road and the radio. Even the most casual observer for wildlife bounty will see them immediately. Next up for sighting is the Mountain Cottontail. Fairly big rabbits they are hard to miss as the bound across the highway or the prairie. You’re probably going to have to stop the automobile, however, to get a look at the American Badger. Normally a nocturnal animal they are seen from time to time during the day. Now pull over and escape that vehicle completely. Get out, point your eyes at the ground, walk about and look a bit closer. There’s a Western Fence Lizard basking on a rock. Turn over that rock or a log (or two) and you’ll be treated to a Multicolored Centipede. Or you can just stay in you car, keep driving, and miss all of this.

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