Olympic Game Farm

A small sample from big to little of the animals you will closely encounter, and get to feed, at the Olympic Game Farm.

The Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA is a unique wildlife experience; an experience I highly recommend. Located in a rural area of Sequim it can be a bit of a challenge to find without good directions but considering the directional capability of today’s cell phones that should not be much of a problem. Here is the address: 1423 Ward Rd, Sequim, WA 98382. The Game Farm is a drive through zoo but you will have surprisingly close up encounters with the animals you observe as you wind through the well designed pathways of the place. There are many animals such as bison, yaks, llamas, and alpacas that you will get closer to than you probably will in your life. That was certainly the case for me with the bison. For both adults and children it is a beautifully entertaining, educational experience. You simply stay in your vehicle, roll along at your own calm pace and occasionally pause to feed and enjoy the sight of the animals. The ability to feed the animals (wheat bread available at the entrance) greatly contributes to the uniqueness of the Olympic Game Farm experience, not something you normally get to do in zoological parks these days. It is also an ideal environment for picture taking. Settled in your car you get to hold your camera perfectly still and take time to focus. The Game Farm’s history is unique as well. As noted on the Game Farm’s website (https://olygamefarm.com) the Olympic Game Farm’s original title was “Disney’s Wild Animal Studio.” That’s because it was a holding and training facility for the “animal actors” of Disney movies. By 1973 it became open to the public and has been ever since. The Game Farm is entirely funded by the customers that come to experience the place but donations in various forms are accepted. It is now popular attraction so it pays to plan your visit. Early morning to early afternoon, just as in most zoos, is the best time to see the animals. This is the time of their highest activity. And just like any other tourist attraction weekends, especially holiday weekends, are the busiest times.  I recommend a week day visit if possible. No matter when you decide to visit, though, you’ll get to see a lot more species than the ones I mentioned above. Lions, and tigers, and bears – of course! But little guys like prairie dogs, rabbits, raccoons, and numerous bird species will make their appearance. That’s not all. Check out the Olympic Game Farm website for a complete list. Enjoy it!

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