Protect Your Pets From Coyotes

Coyotes are adaptable animals and have learned to survive very successfully around us humans. I have seen them in the woods and open farm areas, of course, but also in some very surprising locations like busy road intersections. They carry diseases as well. Rabies are the most dangerous to you and your pets. Mange is often found as well, a disease causes by mites that results in fur loss. Yes, they can be problematic and a lot of people think the best solution is to shoot them. I do not support that. I have found another way.


How to Protect Your Pets from Coyotes

BLUF: Build a good fence around your property and do not let your pets out at night. Over and over I read and hear complaints about the disturbing affect coyotes have had on people’s pets. Most of these negative comments are focused on the loss of cat pets. But there have been others. I have also experienced this. We may have lost three of our pet cats to them, and I have a photograph of a coyote on the far side of my property with a chicken in its mouth. The chicken was not mine, and I did not know who it belonged to. This occurred after moving from a suburban are to where we are now, and I did not realize what might happen. But since then we have had no coyote problems at all despite our rural area, forested property.  So how do you protect against them? The first and most common sense to do is to build as good fence around your property. Yet even with that if you have a cat, don’t let it stay out all night. Some people keep their pet cats indoors all day and all night. Yep, nothing better than that for their protection. But there is another way. Most cats love to be outdoors and it is good for their health. That’s the kitty I have now. I protect him, however, this way – I only feed him dinner at night, and he must come inside our home at evening time to get it. He gets treats during the day, but only the big meal in the evening. And he is not allowed out until the next morning. After several years of this he has been very safe and is now so used to the process he follows it without pause. Our dog, of course is also a big advantage. Our Great Pyrenees is always woofing and inspecting our property for invaders. He also gets along very well with our cat. He was raised with him since he was small puppy. And he is not allowed out at night either.

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