Saudi Arabian Birds

When you think of Saudi Arabia, birds are not usually the first thing that comes to mind.  Depending on the source consulted there are 200 to 500 species of birds found on the Arabian Peninsula.  It is surprisingly extensive for an arid land, but when viewed in the context of Saudi’s location – a link between Africa, India, and Europe – it becomes more understandable.  Keep in mind too, that birds more than any other animal are migratory masters.  Just because you see them in a certain location does not mean they breed there; many are just passing through.  The visitor from America will find several familiar species here:  swallows, martins, sparrows, doves, ospreys, falcons, even pelicans. 

Doves are very common in Saudi; you hear their peaceful cooing first thing every day. Common mynahs are sort of like our crows and the colorful bee eaters are everywhere. The kingdom has its share of avian surprises, too – like the beautiful ring necked parakeets (they’re the size of parrots) that showed up one morning eating the sunflowers outside of my window, and the owl I found perched on a pole alongside a road in the middle of a desert nowhere. Get a more Saudi wildlife here:

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