Season of the Moose!

The female moose reaching for the branches happened to pop out very close to me as I was driving along a narrow country road. I ran into the big fellow sprouting new antlers while hiking. He let me get pretty close for some quality moose time and I got some good pictures. On another hike I ran into a moose that actually followed me back to my car. Good some good photos while walking backwards. Then one day as I was sitting back eating lunch in a remote part of Camp Richardson a proud mamma and her little ones trotted by right in front of me!

The biggest member of the deer family is common in Alaska and many other parts of North America throughout the year. These big animals do not hibernate and are pretty hard to miss if you run into one. The Land of the Midnight Sun is their primary home and I am fortunate enough to be able hike around that last frontier quite a bit. May and June mark the two months of the year when I run into them – and when they run into me – most often. On purpose or by accident every encounter is a thrill I’m thankful for.

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