Skittering Frog

Of all the animals I managed to photograph in Afghanistan none seem to have captured more attention than this little guy – a species of Afghan amphibian called a Skittering Frog, Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis microspinulata.  These are actual frogs, about the size of a US leopard frog, that live in a various places throughout the country; these particular specimens were found in Kandahar province.  They are found in other parts of the country but this is the only area I witnessed them in.  These little guys have an exceptional and interesting ability to jump across the water surface.  When frightened they don’t just plunge under water like most frogs; they skip along the water surface sometimes covering more than seven feet before diving.  Seeing twenty or thirty of these little frogs suddenly skitter across the surface of the water in different directions is an amazing – and very amusing – sight. Get a lot more of amazing wildlife from Afghanistan here:

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