Snoqualmie Falls

Want to visit a remarkable state park during your holiday break? One that’s not far away, easy to get to, and not buried in snow thanks to a lower elevation? I recommend Snoqualmie Falls. The Snoqualmie Waterfall is 270 feet high, very wide, and astounding in intensity of flow. The waterfall and the river it falls into are amazing scenes. An easy, child safe, pet friendly hiking trail takes you to beautiful views of the fall and the Snoqualmie River. But that’s not all. Along the way you will come very close to extraordinarily interesting trees, some of which are sprouting up from old growth. Some of these things don’t even look real! Hence my inspiration to take and display these pictures. There is one thing I want to caution you about, however. The park has a fairly small parking area at the entrance so a week day visit is probably best. But even on busy weekends visitors generally move in and out quickly. So just sit tight and wait – you’ll get in – and it will be worthwhile.

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