Tribute to Jack Hanna

Jack got this book published 1989. He has 8 other books still on Amazon. Long before that I was working for him at the Central Florida Zoo with the wonderful elephant named Sobik. One of the greatest times of my life. Thank you, Jack!

In the news a few days ago I read  disturbing report about Jack Hanna’s memory loss. I feel bad for that and I pray for his recovery. I worked for Jack many years ago at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford, FL. Jack mentions his time there in his book “Monkeys’ and I happen to be in one of the pictures. While he ran that zoo it was wonderful. His ability to raise money and take care of the animals there was extraordinary, and what he did for me made my life wonderful. And that small zoo there totally depended on his ability to raise funds. He was so good at it enough money came in to give us the ability to create and move all animals to a much bigger location. After I volunteered at the zoo for a while, Jack interviewed and hired me as the Curator of Hoofed Stock animals. Then I was taking care of the wonderful elephant named Sobik, and Fat Boy the hippopotamus. My time there was one of the best years of my life, and I cannot thank Jack enough for it.

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