Unwanted Hitchhiker

This is a trifle embarrassing butĀ sinceĀ it is wildlife related I went ahead with the post. The other day I noticed an odd sound while driving. It seemed to occur whenever I made a sharp turn or stop, so I assumed it was just some loose something or other rattling around my auto. It kept happening, however. When the rattle scratch noise continued after my car came to a complete stop I suspected rodentia mischief. That night I checked the car thoroughly but found nothing – until I popped the hood:

MouseInCar1cmp MouseInCar2cmp

Amazing! That little mouse had to have been riding back and forth to work with me for quite some time. I guess the wee thing found a warm winter spot and decided to hang on.

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  • God help me, I put aside a whole afroenotn to figure this out.

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