Visit Northwest Trek

Just a small sample of what we saw that day. The robin, of course, was out and about, but the picture was exceptional so I had to put it up. An unusual thing about all of these photos is that I did not take the pictures – my wonderful niece did!

When you’re obsessed with wildlife observation like I am and you are blessed with a family visit from out of state – what do you do? You go to Northwest Trek in Eatonville, of course. The animals there will satisfy your personal wildlife observation obsession and fascinate your family while other activities provide even more amusement.  This was exactly my wonderful situation last week. My family, who happen to be animal lovers too, came to visit last week so we went to Northwest Trek. I’m a bug lover and we could have seen quite a few in my backyard. My sister, however, is not too crazy about the creepy crawlers, so for a fine experience of native wildlife wonder and camera challenge we took off for Northwest Trek. Shown above, thanks to the photographing talent of my beautiful niece, is a small sample of the creatures that will greet you there. There are many more but one thing to keep in mind about NWTRK is that their animal enclosures are not the typically small zoo environments. NWTRK has very large, exceptionally natural enclosures for animals; perfect for just about every species of wildlife there. It is so perfect, however, that there are days when you may not see all of the creatures since they have many places to relax, rest, and hide. Regardless of that, you will see plenty of animals native to the Northwest and have a chance to enjoy them in their own natural environment. The zoo’s extended acreage also includes a nature walk, an amazing zip line adventure, and its famous tram line that provides spectacular rolling tour of elk, deer, bison, moose, big horn sheep, mountain goats, and caribou. So before summer ends here and we go back to our normal dripping wet winter I recommend heading down route 161 (the rural section of Meridian), look for the NWTRK entrance before the main entrance of the city of Eatonville, and have a great day.

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