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Reptiles and Amphibians of Afghanistan

At long last and way overdue:


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Puget Sound Sea Snakes?

Well, not in the true scientific sense of the term. But we do have some unique garter snakes along our rocky beaches. As you see in the photos above these serpents dwell among the rocks and grass near the shore and readily plunge into the very cold salt water of the Sound. These […]

Our Beautiful Snakes

You have to admit it – the Northwest has the most beautiful garter snakes in the country.



Our Very Own Boa Constrictor

The big serpents loose in the Florida swamplands have been in the news lately and people down south are understandably concerned about these big constrictors ( please see note below). They are a real hazard. Now I doubt that any of these big snakes could survive one of our Northwest winters (or even summer for […]