Kenai Peninsula Drive

The next time you happen to be in or around Anchorage, AK be sure to take a drive along the Seward Highway bordering the Kenai Peninsula. Winter, summer, spring or fall you are bound to see some spectacular scenery and equally spectacular wildlife. it was pretty icy during my most recent trip with lots of beautiful ice flows glowing in the setting sun. Steep cliffs border the road on one side but take a closer look and you just might catch a glimpse of dall sheep high up in their pinnacle homes. Cold weather or warm the Beluga whales are out and about but you’ll get the best views during the summer months when the females are out with their calves. If, however, you are not fortunate enough to catch a sighting of these wonderful animals, just keep driving. Pretty soon you’ll reach a small town called Portage where musk ox and a wide variety of other Arctic animals live year round in the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

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