Zoo Review – Alaska Zoo

When else to visit the Alaska Zoo but in winter? This is a beautiful park and even more so when covered in snow but dress warmly. I strolled around in temperatures that hovered about 15 degrees and the cold penetrated quickly. The benefit, however, is the chance to see just how adapted these arctic animals are to frigid temperatures. Although my hands, feet, and ears were freezing most of the animals seemed completely unaffected. Stretched out full length and soundly sleeping a Polar bear and Amur tiger looked completely content. One of the zoo’s polar bears may even be pregnant, by the way. Sika black tailed deer sat unmoving in the snow while Caribou and Bactrian camels munched down on whatever food they could find. Several Musk Ox ambled about nonchalantly. Joining them in pre-historic appearance is the enormous Tibetan Yak. An impressive pack of Gray wolves paced restlessly in their spacious enclosure as a nearby wolverine bounced back and forth in an almost comic manner. Also active was an incredibly beautiful Canadian lynx. Orphaned bear cubs wrestled and played in the snow like children. A huge bull moose sat quietly and appeared bored with the whole thing. The only animal that even appeared cold was a charming white alpaca curled up in its den. Several species of eagles and owls did not look terribly pleased with the weather, but then again happy expressions are not their forte any time of year. Yet cold as it may be for us humans during a winter visit to the Alaska Zoo you ought to try it for that is when these arctic wonders come to life. And don’t worry. The zoo has a comfy coffee shop that’ll warm you right up – and the cookies are delicious.

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