Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Well maybe not tigers but we have been seeing mountain lions and bears here in the great Northwest. I was attacked by a cougar in a zoo I worked in so I can personally attest to what that feels like – and it ain’t good. Despite a couple of close encounters so far the bears […]

Unwanted Hitchhiker

This is a trifle embarrassing but since it is wildlife related I went ahead with the post. The other day I noticed an odd sound while driving. It seemed to occur whenever I made a sharp turn or stop, so I assumed it was just some loose something or other rattling around my auto. It […]

Nosy Neighbors

Nosy and sometimes spooky, but I love them anyway.

Elk are a constant visitor on my property (no, I won’t give out the address). The Roosevelt Elk we have here in the Northwest are the largest of the elk species. Bulls come in at a half a ton and almost 10 feet long. […]

What’s the Difference Between?

Just in case you have ever gotten confused trying to distinguish mice, voles, shrews, and moles – here’s a quick guide:

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Baboons in Saudi Arabia

Spend a lot of time looking for and studying wildlife in the natural environment nature will eventually bless you with a sacred, unexpected moment. That is certainly the way I felt when I discovered this troop of Hamadryas Baboons (Papio hamadryas) outside of Riyadh. These guys live in the canyons and crevices […]


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Sumatran Tigers

If you have never seen these extraordinary felines go to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma ASAP!

Sumatran Tiger at Point Defiance Zoo

Last chance to see tiger “brothers” together

They have distinctly different, more vivid coloration than Bengal tigers. And by the way, the Point Defiance Zoo is easily one of the […]


What is the difference between a sea lion and a seal? And if there is a difference, why are the seals divided into three groups and not the sea lions? And why are some seals grouped into the same family with sea lions?

See the difference? Check out those external ears on the sea […]

To Touch a Rhinoceros

The recent death of a white rhinoceros at the San Diego Zoo got me thinking about my own memorable experience with these magnificent animals.


John M. Regan

I was stationed in Korea from 1997 to 2000. Had I stayed one more year I […]

The Wonder of Whiskers

Sometimes the solution to a problem is so obvious it escapes attention. Take the case of animal whiskers. Do you realize how many animals have them? In the mammal world, in fact, the with whiskered far outweigh the whiskerless. Consider for a moment how many mammals are whiskerless: Primates, elephants, whales, dolphins… Not too many […]