Dall’s Sheep and Beluga Point

Dall’s Sheep rams are distinguished by their large yellow colored horns; the ewes are smaller and have sharper, thin horns.

There’s a place where can you see beautiful white sheep and beautiful white whales all in the same day and all from the same place. It’s called Beluga Point and you’ll find this amazing spot just twenty minutes outside of downtown Anchorage, Alaska on the New Seward Highway. Hit the time and tide just right and these comical looking whales put on quite a show; sometimes bobbing up and down with their calves in pods of 20 or more. Read more on Beluga Whales here: Beautiful Belugas. When you’ve had your fill of this cetacean display (as if that’s possible) turn around 180 degrees and focus your gaze up the mountain on the other side of the highway. Look for some tiny white specks and watch for movement. April through May is the lambing season, and if your binoculars are at hand you might see the little guys, too.

The sheep named after American naturalist William H. Dall can be a bit tricky to get up close and cozy with, however. Although  they occasionally descend to lower ground, I once saw one actually on the side of the highway, it is rare. Binoculars or a camera with a nice long lens are far more reliable. The other way is to climb up there and see them – a task much easier said than done. The mountains along the Kenai Peninsula are extremely steep and be prepared for some exciting rock climbing along the way. I managed to labor my way up to their lofty home twice. On one occasion the wary animals departed long before I arrived and I was not adequately outfitted to hang around in the extreme weather. On a previous expedition I was just within range of some great photos when a sightseeing plane flew overhead and frightened the sheep away. Exasperating to say the least but a great experience no matter what. So the next time you find yourself in Anchorage and wondering what to do look up Beluga Point and head out.

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