Oak Creek Wildlife Area Elk

Each herd is led by a dominant mail, most of whom have retained their enormous antlers well into March.  Yet despite the enormous number of these animals more and more continue to stroll down from the huge hill behind the feeding ground. What a thing to see!

Have you ever seen an elk herd of close to one thousand animal? Well if you visit the winter feeding event at Oak Creek Wildlife Area in Naches you will! For both adults and children it is truly an amazing, highly entertaining, and educational sight. Located in Naches on Highway 12 in Yakima county this practice has been going on for many years. I was surprised, however, at how many of my friends were unaware of this yearly occurrence. The past year was adversely affected by COVID disease restrictions but that is now over. I am sorry for not putting this out earlier but getting through snowy White Pass this winter prevented my visit more than once. The winter feeding season usually begins about January and goes on through March. For more details about the time to visit and information about the wildlife are I recommend this website:

Upper Valley Bulletin Board

And even if you miss the elk feed there is still a lot more to see and do in the wildlife park. That area is a wildlife wonder and geological observation experience. It is my favorite place in Washington state.

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