Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

A few examples of the scenes awaiting visitors at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. You might see a black bear swaying back and forth high up in a tree, a herd of bull elk with antlers pointing to the sky preparing for the rut, the giant northern wood bison, a very relaxed brown bear surrounded by ravens.

About an hour south of Anchorage along the Seward Highway the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a worthy destination. From porcupines to musk ox the Conservation Center has it all; a complete resume of the most famous Alaskan animals this non-profit organization is focused on preserving. Even the drive to the center is fine outing for wildlife lovers. As you begin your trip along the beautifully scenic Seward highway you may want to stop by and stroll the boardwalk around the Potter Marsh, a bird lovers paradise. A few miles further on check for signs pointing to the Alaska Zoo. This great zoological park is just two miles off the highway and you will be treated to close up views of many smaller examples of Alaskan wildlife as well as some other exotic cold weather species. As your journey continues you just may be one of the lucky few (I was one of them) treated to the sight of Beluga Whales in the Cook Inlet. Pull over into Beluga Point and take a look. And keep a look out to the mountains of the Kenai Peninsula for the lovely Dall sheep that make these mountains their home. I guarantee that you will be so distracted by the splendid scenery you will arrive at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center before you know it. Alaskan weather is always a concern, of course, but you can take your pick of driving or walking through this sprawling beautiful park. From the youngest to the oldest in the family a fine time is in store. Whichever you choose be prepared for some extraordinary scenes such as the ones I photographed. One word of caution – be sure to check the hours that the park is open. Because of the previously mentioned Alaska weather the center has varying hours for almost every month of the year.

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