Insects Looking at You?

I Love Bugs!

When you first see these common insects around your home they look like this.

But then when you look closer you might see an odd face looking back at you!

I have worked with elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, and big cats. And yes, I love them all. But I also have a fascination for the little creatures that surround our daily life but often go unseen. I even created a book full of pictures about it titled “Let’s See What’s Under There!”. All of us of course, have seen a huge variety of insects. With about two million species known at present, they are the most widespread and numerous animals on earth. Considering their numbers, behaviors, and habitats it is just about impossible not to see or interact with insects at some point in your life, if not every day. But how often do you get to take a really close look? Well, if you’re a bug lover like me and happen to be in possession of a great macro lens camera, you see them up close a lot. Most people don’t. Okay. That’s what I’m here for. When you have the opportunity to look close their anatomy is quite fascinating: the mandibles, the compound eyes, tiny sensitive hairs, antennas, head, thorax, abdomen, etc. But from time to time something pops up that is a real surprise – like another face staring back at you! It’s a surprise alright. And I likes it!

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