Washington State “Grand Canyon”

Hello everyone! Of course I normally post nothing but wildlife pictures on this site but my visit last week to this place really surprised me. No, it’s not the more well known and famous Grand Canyon of Arizona, but it truly is a Grand Canyon; a surprising piece of geography right here in Washington state. And there is some wildlife there depending on when you arrive. Located in the southeastern part of the state it was a rather long drive from my home in Graham, WA yet it was worth every mile (and tank of gas). Be careful when getting direction, however. The Palouse Falls Sate Park website identifies it to be in a small town called Lacrosse. NO IT’S NOT! My wife and I went there IAW the address stated at the website. We got there and could not find the park. We finally saw a group of people in a small city park in Lacrosse and asked directions. These friendly folksĀ  directed us to the actual location. The park is located outside of a town named Washtucna. Drive through that town off the exit from highway 26 and that road will lead to the park. The drive will take you at first through an astounding acreage of farmland. By the way, I mentioned this to a Palouse State park Ranger when we got there and he acknowledged the address mistake. Apparently this has been going on for some time. Parking limited so get there early on holiday weekends or choose another date. Whatever. You’ll like it!

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